Why Use Quest?

Being a SUPER Accountant gives your business the advantage it needs and deserves

It's quite simple really. A GREAT Accountant is 'someone who creates a relationship whereby the client sees them as an irreplaceable asset in their business'.  A SUPER Accountant (cheesy logo and all!) goes one step further than being a great accountant and helps clients drive their sales and marketing - check out our "Coaching Academy" page to find out more.

In other words, 'we put you first'.

So what does this really mean to you?

Well, a number of things...

  • We give your business the advantage it needs and demands.
    And that's where we really make the difference.
    It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, have an established business or you've been round the block a few times. We know what's required to create a win-win relationship for you.
  • To begin with, when you become our client you will wave goodbye to those unreasonable accountancy bills that so many accountants are guilty of...
    ...and that's because ALL of our fees are fixed, so you'll never get any nasty surprises. And to prevent you getting one bill to pay at the end of each year, you can pay us a low monthly fee, easing your cash flow.
  • Neither will you have to worry about key lodgement deadlines, because if in the very unlikely event we miss one, we'll pay ALL of the fines AND give you $250 for the inconvenience.
  • Try before you buy - you pay us nothing for the first three months of our engagement unless you are ecstatic with our service!
    Now how many accountants do you know who are willing to go that far for their clients?
  • We come to you every month! You don’t have to leave your place of business to come and see us. Our monthly visits help keep you on track and ensure you don't stray from our agreed strategies.
  • Plus, all of our support is free and unlimited.
    So if you have an urgent question or just a quick query, we are here ready and waiting to help you...
    And still... we want to go that extra mile when helping your business succeed.
  • We have invested a significant sum of our own money so you and all our clients get free and unlimited access to arguably the world's most successful sales and marketing system.
    This alone is worth over $6,000 to you ...every single year ...and you get it for free when you become our client.

So... if you're looking for an accountant who does things differently...

...puts you at the centre of their business...

...and really cares about building a long-term relationship, then we know you're going to love taking 90 minutes out of your day to meet with us.

Because even our FREE no-obligation meetings are full of surprises.

For instance...

Get a FREE copy of our book when you meet with us
Get a FREE copy of our book
when you meet with us
  • Right then and there we'll give you solutions to your most pressing financial challenges.
  • You'll receive 3 business-building strategies that can add thousands to your business over the next couple of months.
  • And at the end of the meeting... no matter whether you decide to become a client or not, we'll give you a copy of our acclaimed book entitled 'Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It'...
  • And just to prove you've got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain... If, after meeting with us, you decide it was a waste of your time, we'll shake hands and wish each other luck ...and we'll give you a cheque for $100 made out to your favourite charity.

Because that's the type of accountants we are.

So whether you're starting a new business and want to hit the ground running, or have an existing one and are looking for a fresh and very successful approach to accounting, we urge you to get in touch now.

If you're still undecided, watch the Home Page video first and then click "Register Now" on the right of the page, or phone us direct on 9562 1111.

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